Why people hire a PPA

Too busy and/or far away to provide the care coordination your elderly family member needs.

Accompany a loved one who is having tests performed, or is in rehab, the hospital, or a nursing home, 

To be accompanied to a doctors visit

To make sure that you or a loved one takes their medication correctly.

To help resolve family disagreement about an important medical decision

To become more knowledgeable about your condition, treatment, and your health.

Uncertain that your diagnosis is correct

Explore possibility of better treatment options

For a second opinion from an objective expert in the field

To protect yourself from medical errors

A recent cancer diagnosis

Don't know where to turn for advice

Need to make a treatment decision and are overwhelmed with information

A comprehensive care plan

An online health record.

Help a family member with a psychological/psychiatric condition

A family member needs oversight of medical care

Help with an end-of-life plan for yourself or a loved one.

Better manage a chronic condition

A relapse prevention plan

Services a PPA provides

Coordinate providers to collaborate as a team.

Education and coaching


Organization of medical records

Help with insurance issues.

Obtaining second (and third) opinions

Comprehensive care plan

Coordination of doctors' appointments and lab visits

Advocacy at physician appointments,

Hospital bedside monitoring

Medications reviews and coordination

Treatment options research

Researching clinical trial access

Coordination with social workers and assisted living administrators

Unannounced visits to assisted living or nursing home

Assisted living and nursing home recommendations

Malpractice and medical error review

The Benefits to you

A better health outcome

Reduced stress

Higher quality care

Peace of mind

Increased safety

Less unnecessary and unwanted care

Better self health management

Greater knowledge of your health

More informed treatment decisions



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