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Guardian private patient advocate services are different for each individual. We provide the combination of services that best serves your particular needs and accomplishes your goals. These services include the following:

Diagnosis Review

Your diagnosis should be supported by sufficient evidence obtained from a complete and rigorous diagnostic work-up. A second opinion is recommended to confirm the diagnosis. Additional diagnostic tests may be suggested.


Comprehensive Care Plan

Also known as a care management plan, collaborative care plan, or patient-centered plan, a comprehensive care plan is the road map that allows you to anticipate and prepare for changes or next steps in your care rather than being surprised and feeling unprepared. It helps you make good decisions ahead of time by clearly  defining your goals and objectives as well as your preferences and parameters. The comprehensive care plan is developed collaboratively between you, significant others, and your treating clinicians.


Personal Health Record

A personal health record (PHR) is a powerful tool that lets you make the most of your health information. If you're like most people, you visit multiple doctors, undergo different tests, and visit several pharmacies. Keeping track of it all is a challenge.

With a personal health record, you can gather and manage all that information in one easily accessible location. A PHR is secure and can be made available to anyone you choose instantly from anywhere.

We create a PHR for you. The information it contains is up to you. Examples of what can be included are:

A PHR helps providers get the information they need to treat you in an emergency, help you avoid duplicate procedures or tests, and reduce the risk of medical errors. Read more about patient electronic health records.


Therapeutic Education

In contemporary health care, patient education is a patient's right and a health care provider's responsibility.

Knowledge about one's disease or condition is in and of itself therapeutic and leads to overall better health outcomes. For example, evidence shows that patients who better understand their pain, and what pain truly is, experience less pain, have less fear, move better, exercise more and can regain hope. Low health literacy compromises patient safety, quality health care, and desired health outcomes. Specifically, low health literacy is associated with decreased knowledge of one's medical condition, poor medication recall, non-adherence to treatment plans, poor self-care behaviors, compromised physical and mental health, greater risk of hospitalization, and increased mortality.


Access Top Practitioners

Identify and access top quality specialists, experts, and Centers of Excellence for second opinions, confirmation of diagnosis, and treatment.


Treatment Research

Successful treatment is the goal of your health care. However, not everything is treatable. Even when a condition is treatable the best solution may not be accessible. The reasons for this vary: Your doctor may not be aware of the best or latest treatments. Factors other than your health may influence him/her to recommend unnecessary or less advanced care. Cesarean sections are a widely cited example of this. Your doctor may not tell you about treatments that he assumes your insurance does not cover, sometimes a safe and effective treatment may not yet be approved by the FDA or may be approved but not to treat your condition.

The value of thinking and learning beyond the treatment recommendations you receive from your doctor cannot be overestimated. We review the medical literature and consult with clinicians to inform you of the latest developments and to make sure that you understand all your treatment options and that your clinicians have explored all avenues for accessing whatever will work best for you, including off-label use, clinical trials, experimental use, or even traveling outside the US.


Coordination of Integrated Care

Coordinated care is also known as integrated care and refers to bringing together fragmented services, providers, and information in a way that facilitates communication and collaboration around you. Read more about patient-centered coordinated care here. The coordination functions we provide include:


Medication Management

Medications are a big part of most any treatment plan. When interviewed, most people think they do not need any help with remembering to take medications.  In studies, however, it turns out that about half of those taking medications fail to take them as prescribed and frequently forget doses altogether.  In the senior population, non-adherence is even higher ranging from 50-75%. - Non-adherence is just one potential issue to be aware of when taking medication. Others include:

We address each of these beginning with helping you to learn about your medications - what each pill does, its name, and what it looks like. We add prescriptions tracking and usage history to your personal health record and teach you how to keep it updated.


Health Coaching

Help you acquire skills and develop habits that support your recovery and continued wellbeing. Areas of focus include:


In-Person Support

Help you make the most out of each visit with your doctor. We'll prepare questions and or accompany you to interpret what your doctor tells you and to speak on your behalf when necessary and appropriate. In-person support can also include:


Smart use of personal health care technology

Recent technological advances have brought valuable capabilities to the average consumer that were previously available only to medical professionals. A variety of small wearable devices can now track, record, and transmit important information such as your blood pressure, heart rate, sleep patterns, activity level, if you have fallen, and more. Software tools for your computer, tablet or mobile phone can be quite useful for successful health maintenance.   We can help you select and utilize the right tools to fit your needs and preferences.


Insurance and Legal Matters



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