"I had almost given up on getting pregnant."

Andres shortly after birth

"I felt empowered to stand up to my doctor."





In 2010 Jamileth, from Miami FL, and her husband decided they wanted to start a family and were looking forward to having their first baby naturally. However, they soon discovered that her husband was infertile. They were told nothing could be done about this and their doctor recommended in-vitro fertilization. No other options were discussed.

Jamileth then contacted Guardian for help. They looked at the situation in a more holistic way and noticed that Jamileth's husband was an avid cyclist, took a statin drug to reduce his cholesterol, and was extremely stressed by the possibility of being childless. Guardian showed them that these are factors which can affect male fertility. In a review of the literature targeting these factors Guardian found valid treatment possibilities which they discussed with a second specialist. One of these focused on reducing oxidative stress with antioxidants and anxiety reduction techniques. They also decided her husband would take a break from cycling and he got the OK to temporarily stop taking statin medication. Jamileth and Adrian conceived naturally within a few months.

Natural Healthy Childbirth.

Jamileth had some previous knowledge of how early prenatal or postnatal experiences and exposures can have surprisingly significant lifelong impact on the life of the newborn. She had read about the potential life-long effects of unnecessary interventions typical of obstetrical child birth such as epidural, artificially induced labor, oxytocin, cesarean section, infant circumcision, separation of infant from mother, and absence of breast feeding.

Jamileth wanted to know the facts in order to make informed decisions but was overwhelmed by the amount of information available   She was even beginning to have doubts about natural birth and to consider giving in to an obstetric birth in the hospital.

Guardian provided Jamileth with a manageable amount of carefully curated and organized authoritative information that would answer her questions. Guardian provided further learning assistance with in-person learning sessions.

Jamileth decided to give birth naturally at home. Guardian Private Patient Advocate helped her select the right midwife and to develop a plan for the birth. Preparations were made for every possibly. This allowed her to see that everything was taken care of and helped her relax.

Jamileth gave birth to a healthy baby boy, naturally - without drugs, forced labor, cesarean, episiotomy, infant circumcision, or separation from her baby. As a result she was free of scarring, nerve damage, maternal bond impairment, hospital-acquired infections, medical errors, and able to give birth vaginally in the future. She also avoided considerable cost. Jamileth walked away without regrets and with peace of mind.




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